FWS 5500

FWS 5500 – Movable tub system

In close cooperation with the University of Magdeburg, a movable turf tub was constructed using the latest technologies, which guarantees playability even in very heavy rain.

In addition, enormous weight savings could be made using the latest materials, which reduced previously very high energy costs to a minimum

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FWS 5500-001
FWS 5500-001
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Up to now, an extremely heavy gravel drainage layer was usually used, which contributed to a total weight of approx. 11,000 tons (using the example of the Veltins Arena at Schalke). By using newly developed materials, such as mineral casting and pore material, the total weight could be reduced to currently approx. 5,500-7,500 tons.

After removing the turf and the sub-base layer, an almost new condition of the drainage materials can be restored by counter rinses and backwashing thus cleaning up any compaction after long use.

FWS 5500 – Benefits:

Low energy costs through weight reduction

Drainage ensures playability even in very heavy rain

No exchange of the drainage material necessary, since cleaning is possible