Innovative Techno Plus GmbH – Innovations on the highest technical level plus research and development

Use our outstanding know-how and our enormous potential to your advantage – we are your reliable partner in the following areas of operations:

ITP Steel – planning, development and implementation of your projects in constructional steelwork and mechanical engineering.

ITP Stadium – detailed research, adaptive development and order-specific production in the multifunctional arenas sector as well as lawn care technologies for sports turf.

Your visions and ideas are our main objective, to aid and support you in implementing them. Utilize us and our network of interesting Cooperation-Partners for development, construction (including statics), manufacturing (including ground work) up to assembly on-site.

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ITP GmbH core competencies:

Steel constructions and supporting framework

Mechanical engineering and construction of mobile and stationary facilities

Structural steelwork engineering and erection of power plants