VISION – ARENA 3000 – Multifunctional unit for arenas

In order to ensure the effective use of an arena, we developed a highly complex steel construction which pushes the required floor onto the playing surface, i.e. turf for football matches or a hard floor for various events.

Football stadiums are increasingly developing into modern event centers, as high capacity utilization is of crucial importance. Stadiums, with often more than 60,000 seats, must be operated economically. Expense and revenue have to be worthwhile, even more so since costs are now soaring to previously unimagined levels.

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In addition to the steel construction challenges of such a system, lighting problems could also be solved in close cooperation with our partners. In so-called “lawn regeneration rooms”, artificial lighting of the lawn floor, which is stored without daylight, takes place in order to regenerate it sustainably.

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VISION – ARENA 3000 – Benefits:

Additional income from events, such as concerts

Any number of events possible

Green, well-kept lawn of the best quality and in any climate

(-15 °C to + 40 °C)

No weather dependency, ready and usable at any time