VBL 3000

VBL 3000 – Fully automatic irrigation and light carrier system

Lawn care in stadiums and arenas has top priority in order to ensure a high level of playability. The installation we developed enables fully automatic control of all growth-promoting processes, i.e. lighting, irrigation and fertilization of the lawn are combined in one system. In effect, enormous savings in personnel and technical expenditure for the stadium operators can be achieved.

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In order to compensate for the special architecture of stadiums and arenas, which allows little and uneven sunlight and light, beams equipped with special lamps are extended over the lawn. In contrast to mobile units, which have to be moved onto the lawn manually, this is done automatically and without touching the lawn.

In addition, slats built into the steel construction can be retracted and extended, their angle to the sun can be adjusted according to the incidence of light. Burning of lawns due to too intensive sunlight can thus be prevented.


The carriers of the VBL 3000 are equipped with a large number of water jet nozzles, distributed over the entire surface. Thus, in contrast to stationary sprinkler systems, which only cover a limited range due to fixed mounting points, every lawn area is evenly supplied with water.

The water jets of the VBL 3000 only have to cover a small distance, thus minimizing scattering losses and enabling precise irrigation, which in stationary systems is more or less strongly influenced by the existing wind conditions.

VBL 3000 – Benefits:

Time and personnel expenditure reduced to a minimum

Process-controlled operations by day and by night

Precise illumination and irrigation

No manual assembly and disassembly of the system necessary

No conversion necessary to fulfill different tasks